Sec. 27-75. Intent – District R-R


The Rural Residential District (R-R) is intended to provide for rural residential use of land, accommodating very low and low density residential environments within one-half of the extraterritorial jurisdiction boundary.  It provides for the transition of agricultural land to low-density forms of residential development that are designed to combine aspects of urban living with rural life.  The district’s regulations assure that density is developed consistent with land use policies of the comprehensive plan regarding rural subdivisions; levels of infrastructure; and environmentally sensitive development practices.  It is designed for use in areas that are outside of the city’s probable urban development limit that may be unlikely to receive both city water and sewer service.  In these areas, permanent development of houses using wells or other private water supplies and septic systems or other self-contained wastewater systems are allowable. 


Source:  Ord. No. 4603, § 1, 9-16-02; Ord. No. 5799, § 3, 9-6-22;