Sec. 3-3.  Unlawful possession.


(a)   It shall be unlawful for any person to have possession of any alcoholic liquors which shall have been acquired otherwise than from a licensee duly licensed to sell same to such person under the provisions of the Nebraska Liquor Control Act.


(b)   Nothing herein contained shall prevent:


(1)       The possession and transportation of alcoholic liquor for the personal use of the possessor, his family and guests;


(2)       The making of wine, cider or other alcoholic liquor by a person from fruits, vegetables or grains, or the product thereof, by simple fermentation and without distillation, if it is made solely for the use of the maker, his or her family and guests;


(3)       Any duly licensed practicing physician or dentist from pos­sessing or using alcoholic liquor in the strict practice of his profession, or any hospital or other institution caring for the sick and diseased persons, from possessing and using alcoholic liquor for the treatment of bona fide patients of such hospital or other institution, or any drug store em­ploying a licensed pharmacist from possessing or using alcoholic liquors in the compounding of prescriptions of duly licensed physicians;


(4)       The possession and dispensation of wine by an authorized representative of any church for the purpose of conducting any bona fide rite or religious ceremony conducted by such church;


(5)       Persons who are sixteen (16) years old or older from car­rying beer from grocery stores when they are accompanied by a person not a minor;


(6)       Persons who are sixteen (16) years old or older from han­dling beer containers and beer in the course of their em­ployment in grocery stores;


(7)       Persons who are sixteen (16) years or older from removing and disposing of alcoholic liquor containers for the conve­nience of the employer and customers in the course of their employment as waiters, waitresses, or busboys, by any res­taurant, club, hotel, or similar organization;


(8)       Persons who are nineteen (19) years or older from serving or selling liquor in the course of their employment. 


Source: Code 1962, § 5-15-12; Ord. No. 3654, § 1, 6-19-89; Ord. No. 4026, § 1, 5-16-94

State law reference--Similar provisions, R.R.S. 1943, 53-175, 53-102.