Sec. 3-31.  Cancellation for failure to conduct business.


Any alcoholic liquor licensee whose licensed premises shall be and remain voluntarily closed for a total of thirty (30) continuous days or sixty (60) total days shall be deemed to have elected to discontinue his business under such license and the chief of police shall notify the commission that said license is subject to an order of the commission that the licensee show cause why the license should not be canceled for non-use, or recommend its cancella­tion by the commission; provided, however, that this shall not apply if the licensee shall make application to the council within such ten (10) day period for permission, for good cause, to remain closed for a definite period, and provided the council shall grant such permission; and provided further, that this section shall not apply in case the licensee's place of business remains closed as a result of the licensee's physical disability or as a result of closing for necessary alterations or repairs.


Source: Code 1962, § 5-15-24; Ord. No. 3654, § 5, 6-19-89

State law reference-Power of city to so provide, R.R.S. 1943, 53-134.  See also Rule 21, Nebraska Liquor Control Commission.