Sec. 3-4.  Minors and incompetents.


(a)   No person shall sell or give any alcoholic liquor to, or procure any such liquor for, or permit the sale or gift of any liquor to, or the procuring of any liquor for, any minor or any person who is mentally incompetent or any person who is physi­cally or mentally incapacitated due to the consumption of such liquor.  No minor shall purchase, attempt to purchase or other­wise procure, consume or have in his possession any alcoholic liquor, except that a minor may possess or have physical control of alcoholic liquor in his permanent place of residence.  No minor shall misrepresent his age for the purpose of obtaining alcoholic liquor.


(b)   No licensee under the Nebraska Liquor Control Act shall allow or permit any minor to loiter on the premises of such lic­ensee. 


Source: Code 1962, §§ 5-15-3, 6-1-7; Ord. No. 3654, § 2, 6-19-89

State law reference--Similar provisions, R.R.S. 1943, 53-180, 53-180.01, 53-­180.02.