Sec. 4-19. Registration and housing of guard dogs.


(a) Each guard dog used within the City of Norfolk shall be licensed as hereinbefore provided and registered with the police division as such a guard dog. For registration, the following information shall be provided:


(1)       The business name, address, and telephone number of the commercial or industrial property or place of business where the guard dogs are to be used;


(2)       The name, address, and telephone number of the dog's handler(s) who can be reached at any time during the day or night. For the purpose of this section, a handler is a person who is responsible for and capable of controlling the operations of a guard dog;


(3)       The location where the dog is to be housed and a general description of its use;


(4)       It shall be the responsibility of the owner of said guard dog to notify the police division of any changes recorded as part of the registration.


(b) Housing and facilities where the guard dog is utilized shall have anti-escape fences completely surrounding it, and/or be an anti-escape building sufficient to house guard dogs. All gates and entrances to the area where the guard dog is housed, used, or trained shall be kept locked when not in use and clearly marked with signs warning of such guard dog. The chief of police may require additional measures be taken to protect the public from accidental contact with any guard dog.


Source: Ord. No. 3523, 20, 2-1-88; Ord. No. 5659, 4, 4-6-2020;