Sec. 4-4.  Keeping of livestock.


(a)   It shall be unlawful for any person to keep or possess live­stock upon his or her own premises or the premises of any person or for any person to allow any livestock to be kept on his or her premises within the city unless:


(1)        The livestock is used for agricultural or farming use and complies with all conditions or requirements set forth in Chapter 27, or


(2)        The livestock is used for recreational use in which case the keeping or possession shall comply with all conditions or requirements contained in Chapter 27.


(b)   Nothing in this section shall preclude (1) the transporting of livestock over roadways located within the city, (2) keeping or possessing livestock on the business premises of a licensed veter­inarian, (3) keeping or possessing livestock for sale from a loca­tion within the city where livestock sale is allowable, (4) keeping or possessing livestock for a period of up to twenty-four (24) hours immediately prior to slaughter at a location within the city where livestock slaughter is allowable, or (5) a person from riding an animal or driving an animal-drawn vehicle on a roadway so long as the person complies with section 24-4 and subsection (d) as set forth herein.


(c)   For purposes of this section, livestock shall mean any horse, cow, turkey, goose, duck, chicken or other fowl, sheep, pig, swine or goat, and shall include any dwarf or miniature variety of the same.


(d)   Any individuals or organization having a parade, circus, carnival, exposition or display that includes livestock as defined herein shall obtain approval of the city council for their desired activities in addition to paying any fees or obtaining any insur­ance required by this Code. 


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