Sec. 5-27.  Violations; impoundment; redemption. 


(a)  Every gas- or electric-powered scooter, regardless of the owner of the scooter, being operated in violation of this article, is hereby declared a public nuisance.  The scooter may be seized upon a police officer witnessing the violation and impounded for a period of ten (10) days at the expense of the owner of the scooter.  After the passage of ten (10) days, the scooter may be redeemed as provided in this section.


(b)  Only the owner, a person authorized by the owner, the person operating the scooter at the time of impoundment, or a person lawfully entitled to the possession of such scooter may redeem a scooter from the city police division. 


(c)  Any person redeeming a scooter impounded by the city shall pay the cost of towing or removal fee plus storage fees set forth in Section 2-5 of this Code. 


(d)  In the event the scooter was not registered at the time of impoundment, it must be registered prior to being released by the police division.  


Source: Ord. No. 4761, 1, 11-15-04; Ord. No. 5135, 4, 9-7-10