See. 6-135. Plumbing rules and regulations; adoption; powers of board; variances.


The plumbing board shall have power, and it shall be its duty, to adopt rules and regulations, not inconsistent with the laws of the State of Nebraska or the ordinances of the City of Norfolk, for the sanitary construction, alteration and inspection of plumbing and sewerage connections placed in, or in connection with, any and every building in Norfolk. Variances from the plumbing code adopted in section 6-121 above, may be granted only by the appeals board established in accordance with the building code. Any variance granted shall apply only to a single building and shall not be considered as a part of the ordinances or rules and regulations of the plumbing board. 


Source: Ord. No. 3051, 3(E), 2-16-82; Ord. No. 3487, 4, 6-15-87; Ord. No. 4389, 1, 12-7-98

Cross reference-Building code, 6-16 et seq.