Sec. 6-143.  Plumbing contractor's registration; experience; exam­ination; fees; term.


(a)   A person desiring a plumbing contractor’s registration shall make written application to the code official upon a form furnished by the Planning and Development Department.  No person shall be issued a plumbing contractor’s registration unless he/she has had at least two (2) years’ experience as a journeyman plumber within the last six (6) years.  Except in the case of renewal registrations, no person shall be issued such a plumbing contractor’s registration unless he/she successfully completes an examination approved by the plumbing board.  An applicant who has successfully completed a nationally standardized test based on the International Plumbing Code within the last ten (10) years shall not be required to retest.  A registration card shall be issued by the city upon the applicant’s proof of successful examination completion and completion of a registration form filed with the plumbing board or its designee.  A person desiring the original issuance or renewal of such a registration shall pay the registration fee set forth in Section 2-5 of this Code to the city.  Such registration shall expire on December 31 of each year.  Applications for renewal registrations may be made between December 1 and March 1.  Applications for renewal registrations after March 1 shall be required to show proof of successful re-examination to the plumbing board or its designee


(b)   No person who has obtained a plumber's registration shall allow his/her name to be used by another person, either for the purpose of obtaining permits, or for doing business or work under the registration. 


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