Sec. 6-148.  Waiver of certain requirements; journeyman plumber, apprentice plumber.


(a)   The plumbing board may waive the requirement of the requisite years of registered service as set forth in sections 6-143 and 6-144 for a journeyman plumber or an apprentice plumber before advancement to a plumbing contractor or journeyman registration when at least four (4) members of the plumbing board believe the applicant has had equivalent training or possesses suitable proficiency.


(b)   Equivalent training or suitable proficiency shall be measured by one or more of the following:


(1)        Total number of years worked in the plumbing trade, with written verification.


(2)   Years of work or service in a related mechanical trade, i.e., refrigeration, heating and air conditioning, private sewage system installations, etc.


(3)   College courses relating to design and installation practices of the plumbing trade that are successfully passed by the applicant. The board may grant up to one-third of the actual school time spent on education as an equivalent to the time spent in active service work. 


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