Sec. 6-172.  Additions, insertions and changes.


The following sections of the energy conservation code adopted in Section 6-171 are hereby revised as follows:


Section C109.1  General.  Amend to read as follows:


             Any person who is aggrieved by a decision, notice or order of the code official and/or director of planning and development made pursuant to this article may appeal such decision, notice or order to the board of appeals established pursuant to the current building code in force and effect in the jurisdiction of the City of Norfolk, Nebraska.  The procedure for said appeal shall be as published in said building code then currently in force and effect.


Sections C109.2 and C109.3  Delete these sections in their entirety.


Section C402.2.2  Above grade walls.  Add after first paragraph, "Exterior wall cavities of conditioned spaces shall be filled to a minimum of 98% capacity with insulation."


IECC--Residential Provisions.  Delete this section in its entirety.


Source: Ord. No. 4972, 2, 9-17-07; Ord. No. 5692, 1, 9-21-20;