Sec. 6-76. Homeowner's privilege; permit.


(a)   Any homeowner may perform electrical work on his or her principal residence which is also said homeowner's domicile, and/or a detached accessory building associated with the dwelling use, if such residence is not larger than a single-family dwelling.  All electrical wiring installed by a homeowner shall be for him or her, without compensation or pay from or to any other person for such labor or installation.  The homeowner shall be required to file plans and demonstrate knowledge of code requirements as requested by the code official.  The homeowner shall apply for and secure a permit, pay the required permit fees, and call for all inspections in the manner provided by this code.


(b)   A homeowner shall complete a homeowner verification form that proves to the code official that he/she owns the home and he/she resides in such home in order to qualify for a homeowner's permit. 


Source: Ord. No. 3054, 4(F), 2-16-82; Ord. No. 4699, 1, 10-20-03; Ord. No. 5289, 3, 6-2-14