Sec. 6-92. Same--Not required.


(a)   No permit shall be required to execute the following:


 (1)      Minor repair work including but not limited to repairing flush and snap switches, replacing fuses, changing lamp sockets and receptacles, taping joints and repairing drop cords and repairing of appliances, motors and other devices when not attached to permanent wiring, when the wiring is an integral part of machinery, appliances or vehicles.


 (2)      Experimental work of a temporary nature in testing laboratories of electrical shops, educational institutions and the like.


 (3)      Wiring supplied with current by approved bell-ringing transformers.


 (4)      The attaching of portable appliances to existing outlets.


 (5)      Repair or replacement of motors on fixed approved appliances of the same type and rating in the same location.


(b)   The exceptions enumerated above shall not be construed to exempt any person, firm, or corporation from compliance with the standards prescribed by this code for the installation of electrical equipment, or from inspection as provided herein. 


Source: Ord. No. 3054, 5(B), 2-16-82; Ord. No. 4699, 1, 10-20-03