Sec. 8-22.  Fire calls and response.


Reserve firefighters will be paged for all city fire alarms to structures.  They shall report to the fire station and report to the captain, or senior firefighter for assignment.  If a working fire is in progress, they shall pick up their bunkers and respond to the fire scene, or report as directed.  Attendance records will be taken at all fire alarms, and to remain qualified for the reserve fire division, all members must attend a minimum of fifteen (15) per cent annually, of all structure alarms.  The percentage will be tabulated bimonthly, so that all members are kept apprised of their standing.  To receive credit for alarms, members must re­port to the station within fifteen (15) minutes of notification and it is the member's responsibility to see that his name has been logged for credit.


Source: Ord. No. 3101, § 4, 10-18-82