Sec. 8-31.  Fire alarm installer contractor registration; fees; permits.


Any person or company who desires to install fire alarm systems within the jurisdiction of the City of Norfolk shall register with the city by making written application to the fire code official upon a form furnished by such official.  A person desiring the original issuance or renewal of a fire alarm installer contractor registration shall pay a registration fee as set forth in Section 2-5 of this Code to the city.  The registration cycle shall be a two-year period, and shall run concurrent with that of the state electrical registration period.  A copy of the applicant's state electrical license(s) shall be provided with the application for registration.  A plan for the installation of a new system, addition to an existing system, or the replacement of an existing system shall be submitted to the city fire code official or state fire marshal for review.  Upon review and approval of the fire alarm system, a permit shall be issued with the fee based on the number of initiating devices as set forth in Section 2-5 of this Code.  These devices include but are not limited to smoke detectors, heat detectors, duct smoke detectors, water flow switches, tamper switches, pull stations, and beam detectors. 


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