Sec. 8-4.  Fire hydrants.


(a)   All hydrants erected in the city for the purpose of extin­guishing fire are hereby declared to be public hydrants and no person, other than members of the fire and water division, and then only for the use and purpose of that division, shall open any of the hydrants or attempt to draw water from the same, or at any time uncover or remove any protection of said hydrants or in any manner interfere with such protection or hydrant.


(b)   No person shall build, place or maintain any structure or maintain any plant, tree, or shrub that will interfere with the operation of, or intended use of any fire hydrant.  Plants, trees, or shrubs shall not be allowed to grow around, adjacent to, or over hydrants to the extent that they interfere with the vision of per­sonnel attempting to locate such hydrants or they interfere with the operation of, or intended use of such hydrants.


(c)   Any structure, plant, tree, or shrub interfering with the operation of or intended use of a fire hydrant may be trimmed or removed by the city without prior notice to the person owning, placing or maintaining the structure, plant, tree, or shrub.


(d)   Three-way outlet hydrants with one four and one-half-inch pumper outlet and two (2) and one-half-inch outlets shall be in­stalled where fire flows greater than five hundred (500) gallons per minute are necessary.  All threads shall be national standard.


Source: Code 1962, § 3-1-17; Ord. No. 3058, § 1(14), 3-1-82; Ord. No. 3808, § 1, 7-15-91