Project Overview:

The City of Norfolk was recently awarded $435,000 in Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) funding to assist with commercial rehabilitation activities in downtown Norfolk in the form of façade improvements through the Nebraska Department of Economic Development.

The need for façade improvements was identified through a 2023 Norfolk Downtown Business survey. $90,000 will be used for the sidewalk improvements of three mid-block crossings on Norfolk Avenue to provide street-to-sidewalk accessibility between Second and Third Street, Third and Fourth Street, and Fourth and Fifth Street.

The downtown façade improvements program will provide a 1:1 match of $310,000, and the City of Norfolk will contribute $22,500 for the sidewalk improvements. From the grant funds, $10,000 will be used for construction management and $25,000 will be used for the general administration of the grant. The estimated total cost is $767,500. The proposed project will meet the national objective of minimizing a designated blighted and substandard area and Limited Clientele Activities through the removal of architectural barriers. No persons will be displaced as a result of CDBG activities. Applications for the funds will be available in 2024.

Where can the Downtown Revitalization grant funds be used?

From 1st Street to 8th Street along Norfolk Avenue with the north boundary at Braasch Avenue and the south at Madison Avenue.

Program Guidelines:

Façade & Signage Improvement Program

Norfolk Downtown Revitalization – Section 106

Informational Meeting Information

Application Dates


September 2023 DTR Implementation application submitted
January 2024 City receives Notice of Award
January 2024 City will execute contracts with NENEDD and with DED
February 2024 Environment Review and Special Conditions for Release of Funds will be prepared by NENEDD
March 2024 Obtain Release of Funds from DED
March 2024 The current Façade Improvement Guidelines will be reviewed, adjusted and approved by City Council
April 2024 Informational workshop for business owners regarding program eligibility and guidelines, information required in the application, and the criteria that will be used to evaluate applications will be held by NENEDD
April 2024 Informational workshop for contractors regarding program requirements such as SAM registration and Davis Bacon wages will be held by NENEDD
May 2024 Applications for façade improvements, which will include contractor bids, will be accepted by the City
June 2024 Eligibility of the project will be determined by NENEDD and City
June 2024 Tier II environmental reviews will be conducted by NENEDD
July 2024 Contractor will be selected by Applicant
July 2024 Contractor eligibility will be determined by NENEDD
August 2024 Preconstruction conference will be held by NENEDD for each project
August 2024 Notice to proceed will be sent to the business by NENEDD
August 2024-September 2025 Labor compliance will be verified during construction by NENEDD
August 2024-September 2025 Business will file a notice of completion and submit invoices
August 2024-September 2025 Drawdowns will be submitted to DED by NENEDD
August 2024-September 2025 The City will issue payment to the business
August 2024-September 2025 Business owner will make payment to the contractor
October 2025 Façade Improvement Projects will be completed and will aid in the elimination of substandard or blighted structures in the downtown district
December 2025 NENEDD and the City will complete the final Performance Review/Risk Analysis Checklist and all final closing documents

Project Contact:

Candice Alder, Economic Development Director

402-844-2263 or