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City Recipient of Donation

Lyle Lutt-Director of Administrative Services, Dani Myers-Noelle-City Attorney, PJ Evans-Parks and Recreation Facilities Manager, Mayor Josh Moenning, Nathan Powell-Parks and Recreation Director, Ron Kotrous-Personal Representative for Maholn, Ron Albin, and Scott Cordes- Assistant City administrator/Public Safety Director.

The City of Norfolk was the recipient of a donation during a check presentation Wednesday. The family and representatives of Mahlon “Jack” Kohler of Norfolk presented the donation to the mayor and city staff.

At the request of Jack, the $250,000 will be used for the construction of a fishing dock in the name of Mahlon B. (Jack) Kohler, which shall be accessible and usable by young children at Skyview Lake. Additionally, a table and bench with recognition to Jack and Norma Kohler will be placed in the area of the bandstand. Any remaining funds shall be used to develop the area and the walk path near the new East Norfolk Avenue Bridge, next to where Jack grew up.

“This is a tremendously generous contribution. We owe Mr. Kohler much gratitude for his civic-mindedness and his vision- and we will honor his name and legacy by putting these resources to use in the ways he requested,” said Mayor Josh Moenning.

Jack also requested the remaining of his estate, $940,000, be used for the development and construction of sports facilities and infrastructure to provide for the youth of Norfolk in the areas of baseball, football, soccer and other sporting activities. 

“Mr. Kohler was proud of his community and chose to show his appreciation with this gift so that the City of Norfolk may develop and enhance recreational facilities for the benefit of everyone,” said Ron Kotrous, personal representative for Jack. 

“On behalf of the City of Norfolk and the Norfolk Parks and Recreation department, I would like to thank Mr. Kohler for his generous donation to improve sports and recreation access in Norfolk,” said Nathan Powell, Parks and Recreation Director. “With the completion of our sports complex master plan, this donation will go a long way towards improving our sports and recreation facilities. The donation towards a fishing dock at Skyview Lake will help us improve access for all. This gift is very much appreciated and will help provide new opportunities in Norfolk for years to come.”

Mahlon “Jack” Kohler