Communications Office

Fire Training Planned Near Ta-Ha-Zouka Park

The Norfolk Fire Division will be conducting live fire training on Sunday, September 13th at a residential dwelling located at 2310 South 5th Street, which is immediately adjacent to Ta-Ha-Zouka Park.  The training activity, which will begin around 7:00 a.m. Sunday morning and will last into the afternoon, as Norfolk and other area departments work together to enhance their firefighting skills and techniques. 

It will be obvious to anyone traveling in or near the park that considerate smoke and flames may be seen over the course of the training, as ultimately, the entire structure will be completely burned to the ground by the end of the drill.  Area residents or visitors to the park are asked to simply stay back at a safe distance and to be aware of emergency responders and apparatus moving around throughout the park area.  The Nebraska State Fire Marshal Training Division will be assisting with this structural firefighting activity.

If there are any questions regarding the training, please contact the City of Norfolk Fire Division at (402) 844-2045 or