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Firework Stand Permit Deadline

For those wanting to open fireworks stands this season, the deadline to apply for a permit is quickly approaching.

According to the state fire marshal’s office, the retail stand permit application deadline for this year is June 8. After June 8, the retail stand permit application automatically shuts down and will prevent you from applying for, and the state from issuing, retail stand permits. 

There is also a ten business day requirement for applying for a permit for fireworks displays. To apply for a fireworks display permit for July 1, the application must be submitted no later than June 15.  For a display for July 2, 3, 4, or 5, the deadline for the application is June 16.

The Planning and Development Building Services Department will also issue permits for the sale of consumer fireworks or display of fireworks. The application can be found HERE

If there are any questions please call the Norfolk Fire Marshal at 402-844-2060.