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Home Fire Sprinkler Week

The Norfolk Fire Division will team up with fire departments and other safety advocates across North America for Home Fire Sprinkler Week May 15-21.

In its fifth year, this unified effort educates about home fire dangers to civilians and responders and raises awareness about the value of installing fire sprinklers in new homes.

Home fires are a severe threat in every community. When fire sprinklers are installed, the threat is automatically diminished, preventing injuries, saving lives and preserving property. Every new home built is an opportunity for community risk reduction. But education is needed.

While homes have been the central fire challenge for decades, today this problem is intensified by the fact that home fires become deadly in just two minutes or less. New homes are most commonly built with unprotected lightweight wood construction, and designed with large, open spaces. Homes are filled with synthetic furnishings that burn hotter and faster than natural materials, producing more toxic smoke. Regardless of age, home fires now burn faster than ever and become deadly more quickly.    

According to Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition:

•           In a home with installed sprinklers, the sprinkler closest to the fire will automatically activate when the temperature reaches about 165°F.

•           The sprinkler will spray water directly on the fire, controlling flames and smoke, often putting it out. In most home fires just one sprinkler activates.