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I think it is fair to say we were all hoping the Corona Virus would be long gone by now, and that life would be substantially back to normal. Unfortunately, that is not the case. At no time since Covid-19 arrived, has its presence been more profound right here in Norfolk, NE.

At Norfolk Fire & Rescue, we are experiencing a large uptick of Covid related calls for service and the presence of sick patients is undeniable. Last month (October), was the busiest single month in the 136-year history of the Norfolk Fire Department, in large part because of Covid- 19.

This increase in calls for service has put a significant strain on our emergency response personnel and has presented us with challenges unlike anything we have ever seen. Many times all of our ambulances are on active calls at the same time exhausting all shift personnel, leaving both stations empty with no one to take the next call.

In response to this, we are respectfully asking all residents to do their part in reducing the chances of transmission of the virus. Please be diligent in the use of masks, hand washing, and social distancing when appropriate.

Please use good judgement when calling 911 and requesting ambulance transport to the hospital. Knowing how strained the response capability is becoming, we are asking all citizens to truly call only for true emergencies, and be aware, that delays may occur when all of our apparatus and personnel are otherwise engaged in other calls.

The firefighters and paramedics at the Norfolk Fire Division remain committed to the community and the Rural Fire District. We will endeavor to provide the best possible service to all our citizens as we navigate through this pandemic. Please partner with us as we travel down this road of unsettled time in our lives, as together we will overcome this. 

Be well and stay safe. 

Chief Cordes 


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