Communications Office

Trees Planted Along Corridor

A variety of trees were recently planted as part of beautification efforts along the South 7th Street corridor from Madison to Pasewalk Avenue.

Funding for the trees was provided through a partnership with the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District and the Norfolk Tree Bud program. 

“The district was pleased to further reinforce our partnership with the City of Norfolk by providing funding for the beatification of the 7th street corridor with trees,” said Mike Sousek, General Manager of the Lower Elkhorn NRD. “Trees improve the quality of life for all our constituents by reducing air pollution, providing habitats for wildlife, reducing storm-water runoff and keeping temperatures cooler by providing shade. I would encourage any community wanting to plant trees within our district to contact us for opportunities realized through partnerships to follow this model the City of Norfolk has undertaken,” Sousek added. 

“I and other City staff are grateful not only to the Lower Elkhorn NRD for the awarded funding and Nebraska Central Railroad for their cooperation in this ongoing beautification project for the 7th St corridor, but to all citizens who participate in the City of Norfolk Tree Bud program. These trees enhance an area that was somewhat barren, providing continuity of and promoting diversity toward Norfolk’s urban tree canopy,” said Lindsey Kudera, City Arborist.

An agreement with the Nebraska Central Railroad was signed in 2016, and some of the 22 trees planted include Crimson Sentry Maple, Tatarian Maple, Sawtooth Oak, Lefler Oak, Heritage Oak, Black Oak, Overcup Oak London Planetree, Silver Linden, and American Yellowwood.

“We are always looking for ways to increase our tree canopy throughout the community. We appreciate the partnerships involved in making this project happen,” said Mayor Josh Moenning.