Emergency Management

Outdoor Warning Sirens

The City of Norfolk begins testing of their outdoor warning siren system the first Tuesday in April at 9:00.  The sirens are tested twice a month, on the first and third Tuesdays of the month from spring through the fall.

After the recent severe weather threats our area received, there have been some questions regarding outdoor warning sirens. Earlier in 2021, the National Weather Service made a change in storm classifications, which in part affect when outdoor warning sirens are activated.  In an effort to warn citizens earlier to give more time to seek shelter, counties throughout Nebraska made changes, as well, including Madison County.

 The outdoor warning sirens are for the purpose of outdoor warning ONLY. The network of outdoor warning sirens are intended for people who are outside and may not have access to other means of severe weather warning notifications. If severe weather is present, the residents of the City of Norfolk and/or Madison County should not wait until the outdoor warning sirens go off before they head indoors and/or to a safe place for cover.  

 If current weather conditions generate a legitimate life-safety issue necessitating a siren activation, the outdoor warning sirens will be sounding/alerting and every citizen of the City of Norfolk and/or Madison County should seek shelter immediately. 

 Here are 3 criteria for activation when the sirens will be activated in Norfolk and/or Madison County:

      1.  Tornado Warning issued for Madison County and/or sighting of rotating funnel cloud/tornado

     2.  Straight Line Winds in Excess of 70 mph

     3.  Hail of 2” Diameter or Larger

 Each of these severe weather conditions could potentially lead to a life-safety issue.

(Examples:  High wind speeds, large trees and hail can come through windows, roofs and through sides of buildings.)   

For questions or to seek further information, please contact Bobbi Risor, Region 11 Emergency Manager, at (402) 844-2050.



siren map