Fire Division


The mission of the Norfolk Fire Division is to respond to community needs in the areas of fire prevention, fire suppression, emergency medical and rescue services, health, environmental inspections, and public education.

The Fire Division provides the following services from Station 1 and Station 2:

  • Fire Prevention -- Enforce the Fire Codes in the interest of the community
  • Fire Suppression -- Locate, confine, and extinguish fires or explosions, and to control and eliminate other hazardous conditions
  • Emergency Medical Services -- Respond and provide emergency medical care and transport of patients
  • Prevention and Codes -- Assist community in fire prevention, health, and other code concerns
  • Public Education -- Delivery of safety information to the community in order to develop awareness and skills to prevent hazardous situations and reduce injury and damage in emergencies
  • Hazardous Materials Response – Technical level response to release of hazardous materials