Fire Division

Promotions at Norfolk Fire

The Norfolk Fire Division underwent transition in leadership in 2021.  Fire Chief Scott Cordes was promoted to Director of Public Safety/Asst City Administrator in August.  With that the application and interviewing for a new chief began.  Assistant Fire Chief Tim Wragge was promoted to Norfolk Fire Chief September 1,  2021.  This resulted in an opening in his former position.

Outgoing Fire Chief Cordes swearing in new chief Tim Wragge


Due to the Coronavirus pandemic striking Norfolk Fire during the fall, the promotion to fill Tim's Assistant Chief position was delayed until November.  Ultimately, Trever O'Brien was promoted to Assistant Chief and took his position December 1, 2021.


 Fire Chief Wragge swears in Assistant Chief O'Brien






With the promotion of Asst Chief O'Brien, the lieutenant's position on B Shift was to be filled.  After another promotional process, Brock Soderberg was promoted to lieutenant and began his duties December 15.

Brock's father pinning lieutenant badge on Brock

  Lieutenant Brock Soderberg                                                        Larry, Brock's father, badging him as the new lieutenant on B Shift