Fire Division

Fire Division Training

Ice rescue training

The Norfolk Fire Division has paramedics that are certified annually.  All Paramedics receive 24 hours of training, which is then added to an additional 48 hours, at a minimum, of training received in house that is required to maintain National Registry Certification.  We currently have 36 Nationally Registered Paramedics.  We also have 12 personnel trained at the EMT-Basic level.

The Norfolk Fire Division serves as a hazardous materials regional response team for Northeast Nebraska. Each year in August, we hosted a 40-hour Hazmat Technician Refresher Course and an 80-hour Hazmat Technician Certification Course at our training facility. The Nebraska State Fire Marshall Office Training Division provided instruction for these courses. Four of our hazmat technicians attended the 40-hour refresher and three of our responders became Pro Board certified Technicians following the testing for the 80-hour course. In addition, the on duty shifts assisted and participated each day in training. 

Norfolk Fire and Rescue also has many technical rescue capabilities to include grain bin, swiftwater, trench, ice and high angle rescue.   We also spent time training on ice rescue. All of our shift personnel went through training on responding to victims falling through the ice on a body of water. They also trained on self-rescue techniques.