Request for Proposals- Kensington Building

The Norfolk Housing Agency  (NHA) Board of Directors voted Wednesday to initiate a Request for Proposals (RFP) from qualified developers for the acquisition and redevelopment of the Kensington located at 108 N 4th Street. 

The desire of the Norfolk Housing Agency is to allow for the revitalization of the Kensington in downtown Norfolk. The NHA conducted a strategic planning session in November 2021 to set short-term and long-term goals for the organization. One of the short-term goals was to address the needs of the Kensington owned by the NHA. 

The board of directors directed staff to explore rehabilitation of the building and the possibility of selling the building by issuing the RFP. Since selling was an option to explore, the board decided to draft the RFP with the intent of returning the building back to its original use when it was built in 1926, which was a downtown hotel. 

This RFP is meant to garner interest from potential developers as a historic downtown hotel redevelopment project. If a sale ends up being an option, the goal is to use the proceeds to develop additional housing units in the community to be managed by NHA. 

No final plans have been put in place for selling or rehabilitating the building as the board wants to thoroughly explore these two options, as the number one concern is the families living in the building and providing them with the best safe affordable housing options.  

For more information, please contact Gary Bretschneider, Executive Director of Norfolk Housing Agency at 402-844-2080. 

Request For Proposals- The Kensington