Accessibility in the Norfolk Public Library

 The Norfolk Public Library is open and accessible to all.  Everyone belongs at the public library.

If you have any comments or questions about the accessibility of the library or accommodations that can be made for a program, please contact Jessica Chamberlain, Library Director, at 402-844-2100. Please see below for some information that may be helpful as you plan your visit to the library. 

Considerations for people using a wheelchair:

  • The library building is ADA compliant and handicap accessible. This includes general public areas, study rooms, meeting rooms, MakerSpace, Heritage Room and all restrooms.  
  • The library is all one level with no ramps, staircases, or elevators. 
  • Most book shelves have a maximum height of 53.5 inches off the ground. Many are shorter. The book shelves with the New Fiction and New Non-Fiction have a maximum height of 61 inches off the ground.  
  • Library staff are happy to help anyone needing assistance reaching any materials or accessing anything in the building. 
  • A Drive Up Window is available for pick up of materials on the east side of the building. There is a maximum of five items requested at a time. If using this service, please call us at 402-844-2100 to request the items at least an hour in advance of the expected pick up time.
  • The Drive Up Book & Media Drop Offs are open at all times and are also located on the east side of the building.  

Considerations for people with Sensory Sensitivities:

  • All lighting in the building is LED lighting.
  • Noise cancelling headphones and sunglasses are available for anyone needing them. Please ask for them at the Service Desk. There is no charge to borrow the headphones and the sunglasses are disposable and yours to keep. 
  • Study Rooms can be reserved for your visit so that you have a quiet and semi-private place to use. Study room lighting is adjustable and can be made very dim or even turned off.  Click HERE to make a reservation. 

Considerations for people with Low Vision:

  • The library has a MagniSight Custom Focus 20" Color Inline CCTV System. This can magnify any print document to make reading or research easier. Thank you to the Norfolk Lions Club who donated this magnifier.
  • The library has a computer in the Adult Computer Lab with a 22" monitor and ZoomText software for anyone needing more magnification than a traditional computer will provide. ZoomText Magnifier/Reader software is a fully integrated magnification and reading program tailored for low-vision users. Magnifier/Reader enlarges and enhances everything on your computer screen, echoes your typing and essential program activity, and automatically reads documents, web pages, and email.
  • The Nebraska Library Commission's Talking Book and Braille Service provides free audiobooks, audio magazines, and Braille through the mail for individuals with a visual or physical condition or a reading disability which limits the use of regular print. Click HERE for more information. 

Considerations for people with Developmental or Learning Disabilities:

  • People of all abilities are welcome to attend and participate in any library program.
  • If you have any questions about particular accommodations or considerations for an individual program, we invite you to call us at 402-844-2100. We'll connect you with the staff person in charge of the particular program and work out any accommodations that we can. 
  • Activity Kits are available for use within the library. These have a variety of themes including fine motor skills, sensory toys, coloring pages, crafts, and science activities. They are appropriate for a variety of ages and abilities and can be checked out at the Service Desk. 

Considerations for people who are Homebound:

  • The library will deliver library materials to patrons whose health or disability prevents them from visiting the library. If you are interested in this service for yourself or a loved one, please contact our Outreach Coordinator, Lenaya, at 402-844-2100.

Considerations for people who need assistance with transportation:

Accessibility is codified in the library's policies through our Non-Discrimination Statement, which can be found in our Library Policies