Join the Human Library!

At the Human Library®, individuals volunteer to serve as Open Books and share their experiences while engaging in conversation with Readers. These experiences can be personal, touching, enlightening, or even challenging. But common for all is that they offer an opportunity to challenge preconceived notions. We aim to reach a wide audience, break down barriers, and help people make connections and learn about one another through this local event.  

We can promise that volunteering with the Human Library is more than you expect and something you will never forget. It is also an opportunity to meet a lot of people who are different from you, and yet you will find you share a lot in common.  

Once approved through an application and interview process, Books are provided with training and guidance, so they are prepared to open themselves up to the curiosity of Readers on April 9th.  

If this sounds like an experience you or someone you know are ready to have, complete an online application. If you have any questions, please email Anneka at or Jen at for more information.  

The Human Library or “Menneskebiblioteket” as it is called in Danish, was created in Copenhagen in the spring of 2000 by Ronni Abergel and his brother Dany and colleagues Asma Mouna and Christoffer Erichsen. Today, The Human Library is a global innovative and hands-on learning platform that is currently operational on six continents and involved in activities in more than 80 countries. The Human Library organizes thousands of volunteers and is a registered trademark that may only be used with written permission from the Human Library Organisation.