Mobile Printing

Print wirelessly from all devices, including laptops, tablets, and smartphones. Submit jobs from anywhere. Black and White copies are 10 cents each. Color copies are 50 cents each. Each submitted print job can only total $5. Example: a 100-page black and white document is $10. It needs to be submitted in two parts, pages 1-50 then 51-100.

Method 1: Upload to Web Portal:

1. Go to: (Note: URL is case sensitive.) 

2. Upload your file(s).

3. Select either Black and White or Color and the number of copies.

4. Select the gear icon under settings to print on both sides, specify which pages to print, or change the number of copies. Click “Accept.” 

5. Agree to terms and conditions. Enter your email address to retrieve your print.

6. Click the button with a triangle to submit the print job.

Method 2: Send as Email Attachment:

1. Login to your email account and send/forward an email with the document that you need to print to one of the following email addresses, depending on if you need color, black and white, or two-sided options. for black and white
2-sided black and white for color 
2-sided color

2. Please add a subject to the email.

3. Emails with attachments will create at least two print jobs. One for the email and one for each document attached. If you only want to print the document, delete the print job for the email. Note: It may take a few minutes for print jobs to be available. You will receive an email if the print fails to process.

Method 3: Use the Smartphone App

1. Visit your device’s app store, search for "Princh," then install and launch it.

2. Go to your document. Select print. Choose “Princh” for your printer. Select the printer icon.

3. Go back to the Princh app. 

4. Select Enter ID. Type in 107358

5. Confirm Norfolk Public Library as the print location.

6. Choose your print options, then click the “Print” button.

7. Accept the terms and click continue.

8. Enter your email address. This is used to identify your print job at the release station.

Picking Up Your Prints

1. At the Print Station, click Release a Print Job, then enter your email address.

2. Select the print job(s) that you would like to print and click Print.

3. A window showing the total cost of your prints will pop up.

4. Click Pay from Vending Device and deposit your money. The total cannot exceed $5.