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The Norfolk Tree Bud program allows utility customers to give an additional $2 on each water bill to purchase, plant and care for trees in Norfolk on city owned or controlled property.

Sign up below or check the box on your water bill that says "Sign up to add $2 charge to each water bill for trees." Two dollars will then be added to your future water bills. You can cancel your participation in the program at any time by selecting “Cancel to remove Tree Bud charge from future bills.”

Trees provide beauty, shade, windbreak and wildlife habitat in our community. Be a Tree Bud and help support trees in the Norfolk area!



Thanks for being a Norfolk Tree Bud!

Be a Norfolk Tree Bud

Sign-up to add $2 to each water bill for trees.  

 Cancel to remove Tree Bud charge from future bills.  

Your Account Number and Resident Id are shown on your bill. Where do I find my Account Number and Resident Id?

If you have any questions please call 402-844-2250 or email

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