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Nonprofit Helps Beautify Norfolk

A local non-profit was busy last week helping the City of Norfolk look more beautiful. A group of Premier Marketing employees spent their Friday afternoon assisting City employees with planting five trees at Embrace Park as well as cleaning up litter in City parks and along the trails.

A Lollipop Crabapple, a Royal Frost Birch, a Littleleaf Linden, a Sunburst Honeylocust, and a Cherokee Dogwood were the different types of trees planted. Premier donated half of the funds for the trees and will assist in continuing care and maintenance.

“As part of Premier Community Outreach's commitment to our vision statement of pursuing unity, kindness, and a brighter community, we provide ideas to give back and encourage volunteer work to all our followers,” said Michelle Hawkins, Vice President of the executive board.

“Premier Marketing has always encouraged its employees to give back where they can and since many are young families that enjoy Norfolk's city parks, the idea was proposed to use Premier resources to help clean up the parks and keep our community beautiful. Additionally, Premier's employees often take their breaks to walk the trail by Embrace Park and thought a great way to donate back to the community would be through purchasing and planting much needed trees,” Hawkins added.

Premier Community Outreach was established in 2021, but has been supporting people in Northeast Nebraska for over a decade. PCO was originated by Premier Marketing employees raising funds to give back to its communities. It all started by granting a few Christmas wishes and joyfully filling the needs of the Christmas tree tags for children of all ages.

Mike Wingate and Tom Schueth helped establish the moral idea that the employees of Premier Marketing could give back to the community that has given us so much, to help those in need when you can. Premier has assisted hundreds in its communities.

Work began in early 2021 to organize and establish an official 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. Premier Community Outreach was brought to life with lofty aspirations of a global presence.

“When a business, its employees, or citizens reach out to find a way to volunteer their time towards the enhancement and beautification of Norfolk for the enjoyment of all citizens, it is amazing,” said Lindsey Kudera, City of Norfolk Arborist. “The significant impact trees have toward enhancing the health and beauty of our community, within or outside of City parks, simply can’t be overstated,” Kudera added.

“We are grateful for Premier Marketing’s generous offering of resources and support for this beautification project. Volunteer efforts like this one inspire community pride and make Norfolk a more attractive and inviting place to live,” said Mayor Josh Moenning.