Parks and Recreation

Re-Tree Program Provides Reimbursement for New Trees

Residents who plant a new tree can receive reimbursement for that tree thanks to a new program. The Re-Tree Program offers 100% reimbursement (up to $100) for the purchase of trees that are planted in locations in or near a terrace (up to 12 feet from back of curb).

“Because terrace trees help prevent runoff and protect infrastructure, provide shade and cooling, and beautify our community in general, we want to incentivize their planting throughout the community.  We’re grateful for the partnerships involved that help make this new program possible,” said Mayor Josh Moenning.

To receive your reimbursement:

  • Mark your tree location and call the Parks & Recreation office for location approval. We will send out an arborist for review. 
  • Select your tree from the City’s approved Tree Consideration list. (Tree lists are also available at local vendors)
  • Purchase your tree from a local tree nursery.
  • Plant your tree. Don’t forget to locate your utilities prior to digging by calling 811.
  • Bring your receipt to the Parks & Recreation office for reimbursement.

“Parks and Recreation is excited to make new programs available to improve the tree canopy in Norfolk. As a Tree City USA community, we must invest in our urban forestry program to maintain our Tree City status. Our investment will have a lasting improvement for our community,” said Nathan Powell, Parks and Recreation Director.

The Re-Tree program is partially funded with a dollar for dollar match by the Nebraska Statewide Arboretum through the Waterwise Program. Remaining funds are from the forestry budget.

There is a limit of two trees per property per year, and the program is limited to 50 trees per year on a first come, first served basis. For more information call the Parks and Recreation Office at 402-844-2250.