2020 in 2020

"2020 in 2020"

In February, the City of Norfolk announced "2020 in 2020", an initiative with the goal of planting 2,020 trees in the city of Norfolk in 2020. Through various programs and partnerships, trees will be distributed to school children, accessible to interested individuals and families at little or no cost for plantings on private property, and planted in public places owned by the City or school systems. 

The City of Norfolk Tree Advisory Board, Beautification Task Force and Mayor Moenning are partnering on the "2020 in 2020" effort with a variety of entities, including the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District, Arbor Day Foundation, the Nebraska Forest Service, and area schools and businesses. As part of "2020 in 2020", 1,000 trees will be distributed to schoolchildren throughout the community, up to 500 trees will be made available at no cost to citizens through partnership with a local nursery, and hundreds more will be planted in City parks, public spaces and on school property. This initiative comes at an especially crucial time, as the City prepares for expected damage to the existing tree population by the Emerald Ash Borer.