Police Division

February 5th Press Release

In late January 2020, an adult male and adult female connected with each other over an online dating application. They continued to communicate throughout the day and the male solicited a sexual encounter from the female for an agreed upon amount of money. The male picked the female up and returned to his Norfolk residence for the sexual encounter. Follow that, the male gave the female a personal check for an agreed upon price, and the two parted ways. When the female went to cash the check, there was not enough funds in the bank to cover the amount. This was the case for several days. Eventually the female recruited the assistance of two males to assist her. The trio then went to the male’s residence. One of the recruited males was identified as Hans V. Berg, 23, of Norfolk. Berg threatened the male’s life & safety and demanded twice the amount that the male and female originally agreed upon. After threatening the male, the trio left and the male reported the incident to the police. All parties were interview about the situation. On 2/05/2020, Berg was arrested for terroristic threats, and theft by extortion ($501-$1,499.) He was housed in the Norfolk City Jail and later transferred to the Madison County Jail. This case remains open and charges on additional people are possible.