Solid Waste Division


The Solid Waste Division provides solid waste disposal services at the Norfolk Area Transfer Station and at the Coalition Landfill.

We accept all types of waste.  Begin all disposal transactions at the scalehouse.  Load your vehicle so that the following items can be unloaded separately; car batteries, appliances, paint, tires, grass & leaves.  Clean concrete can be disposed at a lower rate if delivered separately.

We encourage you to review our rate structure, and our discussion of the various waste types accepted at the Station.

Wastes defined as Hazardous by Federal and State regulations, cannot be disposed of in the landfill. City staff will assist with waste identification and disposal procedures. Contact the Transfer Station Scalehouse with your questions on hazardous or questionable wastes.  If you have questions on hazardous or questionable wastes and did not find clarification here waste types, contact the scale house with your questions. 

Collection services are provided by private companies. Garbage can be delivered to the Transfer Station by the resident/business, or it can be delivered by a licensed garbage contractor. Recycling is voluntary. Check out our business listing of disposal and recycling service providers.

For safety reasons, the entire Solid Waste plant campus is a "No Smoking" environment.  All non-dumping vehicles will be unloaded on the floor of the Transfer Station.  No children under 16 years of age will be allowed out of the vehicle.  Please wear appropriate clothing, closed toed shoes or boots, gloves, and long pants.