Solid Waste Division

Buy Recycled

Buying recycled is more important than people realize, but it's also much easier than people think. After recyclables are collected from our homes and offices they are processed and then sold to manufacturers who make them into recycled products. In order for manufacturers to keep making their products, we have to buy the products. Purchasing recycled products "closes the loop" and tells manufacturers to keep making those products. Look for products with higher content of recycled materials. It increases the demand for recyclables.

Links to Other Web Sites:

  • Adapt Ad Specialty -- Recycled Products and more!
  • Co-Op America -- They help individuals and businesses find products and services. They also offer services for businesses through the Co-Op America Business Network.
  • Conservatree -- is a nonprofit catalyst and advocate for ecologically sustainable paper markets, combining environmental commitment with paper industry and technical savvy. They provide practical tools and realistic strategies for successful conversion to environmentally sound papers.
  • Eco Golf -- Biodegradable golf tees made from corn and will degrade within 1 year.
  • EcoMall -- Features links to hundreds of environmentally-focused companies which offer everything from non-toxic cleansers and paints, to recycled and tree-free paper.
  • Global Recycling Network -- is dedicated to providing recycled-content product information and recycling related information.
  • Green Disk -- High quality recycled disks.
  • Green Order -- Online marketplace for institutional buyers and sellers of environmentally sound products. Features comprehensive green supplier directory.
  • GreenSeal -- An independent rating organization that maintains a list of its certified products including cleaning products, paint, paper, and re-refined oil. The products featured are those GreenSeal has found to be environmentally preferable.
  • Recycling -- Toothbrushes with handles made from recycled plastics. Used brushes can be returned in postage-paid envelopes and then they are sent to a plastic lumber company.
  • Resource Revival -- Resource Revival recovers used bicycle parts to create artistic household items, gifts and promotional items.
  • Rivanna Natural Designs -- creates environmentally responsible awards and gifts.