Street Division

Park on the Even Side

Even Steven Dump Truck

Once a snow emergency is declared, parking where normally allowed on both sides, is allowed only on the EVEN number side of the street. Citations may be issued to those who have their vehicles parked on the odd side of the street, on cul-de-sacs or along the emergency snow routes. 

When everyone does his or her part we all win:  No fines or autos towed, cleaner streets, happy neighbors, less cost to taxpayers and fewer accidents. Please help us help you.

We are a team. You make the team work because the first step is yours. If everyone would set a goal to leave only those vehicles on the street that have no place else to go the results will be noticeable:  Snow free streets, driveways cleaned once, better drainage of water, less ice buildup and fewer calls for snow left by parked cars.

Please encourage your friends, neighbors and relatives to follow this rule. During snow, please park on the even side of the street.  A new Snow Number, (402) 844-2299, has been set up for people to call to see if a Snow Emergency is in effect. 

Please feel free to call the Street Division at 844-2180 for any further information required.