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Water System Overview

Norfolk's water system consists of two water treatment plants, supplied by two well fields.  The two fields have a total of 13 wells averaging 64 feet in depth.  The storage capacity is 5,000,000 gallons, with an historic peak for daily demand at 9,910,000 gallons.  Both water treatment plants use aeration and filtration to remove iron and manganese.  Polymer is also part of the treatment used at the east water treatment plant.  Both treatment plants provide disinfections prior to distribution to the community.  The 13 wells have the capability of pumping 14.2 million gallons per day.  The static pressure of the water at the treatment plants varies from 80 to 100 psi and residual pressure varies from 40 to 90 psi.  Currently there are two pressure zones in the city’s distribution system.  Zone 1 generally serves all land below the elevation of 1,600 feet, with Zone 2 serving all land above the elevation of 1,600 feet.  The color of the water is clear and the average tap water temperature is 51 degrees in the winter and 52 degrees in the summer.