Sec. 13-304.  Application for license; context.

Application for such license shall be made to the city clerk upon a form to be furnished by the city, which application shall set forth the following:


a.  Owner and manager of applicant business;


b.   Hours and days of operation;


c.   How the extended premises will be supervised and maintained;


d.   Description of any permitted advertising and a description or photo of street furniture to be used, if any;


e.   Maximum number of patrons to be accommodated and description of the seating to accommodate the maximum number of patrons;


f.   Two copies of a plat or drawing indicating, to scale, the amount of surface the applicant is seeking permission to use and the location of the furniture, equipment, and any other article occupying public space, if any;


g.   Description of the food and drink (alcoholic and/or non-alcoholic) to be offered for sale.


Source:  Ord. No. 5614, 1, 05-06-19; Ord. No. 5741, 1, 6-7-2021;