Sec. 26-195.  Cost of abatement of the violation.


Within thirty (30) days after abatement of the violation as provided for in sec. 26-194, the owner of the property will be notified of the cost of abatement, including administrative costs.  The property owner may file a written protest objecting to the assessment or to the amount of the assessment within thirty (30) days of such notice.  If the amount due is not paid within thirty (30) days after receipt of the notice, or if an appeal is taken, within (30) days after a decision on said appeal, the city may:


(1)       Levy the cost as a special assessment against the lot or real estate upon which the building or structure is located.  Such special assessment shall be a lien on the real estate and shall be collected in the manner provided for special assessments; and/or


(2)       Collect the cost from the owner of the building or structure and enforce the collection by civil action in any court of competent jurisdiction. 


Source:  Ord. No. 5086, 1, 8-3-09; Ord. No. 5237, 1, 12-3-12