Sec. 27-129.  Tiny house park development standards.


Minimum design standards for tiny house parks shall include the following:


(1)       The park shall be located on a well-drained site, properly graded to insure adequate drainage and freedom from stagnant pools of water.


(2)       Tiny house parks hereafter approved shall have a maximum density of twenty-five (25) tiny houses per gross acre.


(3)       Minimum park area:  One (1) acre.


(4)       Minimum park width:  One hundred and fifty (150) feet.


(5)       All tiny houses shall be located to maintain the following separations:


a.         End to end:  Ten (10) feet.


b.         End to side:  Ten (10) feet.


c.         Side to side:  Ten (10) feet.


d.         Tiny house to community building:  Fifteen (15) feet. 


e.         Tiny house to accessory building:  Five (5) feet.


(6)       All tiny houses shall be placed upon a permanent continuous perimeter foundation in conformity with city building codes.


(7)       All tiny houses shall meet or exceed the applicable portions of the minimum specifications of the applicable portions of city building codes.


(8)       All utility connections shall be in conformance with city and state codes.


(9)        Public streets are subject to the requirements of the subdivision regulations.


(10)       If private streets are utilized, the following shall apply:


a.         On streets where parallel parking is allowed on both sides of the street, the width of the street shall be a minimum of thirty-one (31) feet back-to-back of curbs.


b.         On streets where parallel parking is allowed on one side of the street, the width of the street shall be a minimum of twenty-seven (27) feet exclusive of curbs.


(11)      All roadways shall have unobstructed access to a public street.


(12)      All roadways and sidewalks within the tiny house park shall be constructed in accordance with city standards and shall be adequately lighted.  A street must be completely constructed prior to the placement of any tiny house on said street.


(13)      Sidewalks shall be provided in locations where pedestrian traffic is concentrated and shall be installed along streets, to the entrance of the office, community building and other important facilities.  Sidewalks shall be five (5) feet in width.


(14)      An office shall be provided for conducting business pertaining to the tiny house park.  Said office may be located in a tiny house residence.


(15)      All tiny house parks shall be developed pursuant to a plan which plan shall be subject to the following: 


a.         An applicant for a tiny house park shall prepare or cause to be prepared a preliminary tiny house park plan, drawn to a scale of not less than one inch equals one hundred (100) feet, and shall be submitted to the planning commission for its review and recommendations.  Said plan shall be designed in accordance with the minimum design standards as set forth in this section and shall have contours shown at two foot intervals.


b.         Upon approval of the preliminary tiny house park plan by the planning commission, the applicant shall prepare and submit a final plan, which shall incorporate any changes or alterations requested.  The final plan and the planning commission recommendation shall be forwarded to the council for their review and final action.


c.         Any substantial deviation from the approved final plan shall constitute a violation of the project.  The owner of a tiny house park shall be responsible for such violations.  Changes in plans shall be resubmitted for reconsideration and approval by the planning commission and council prior to moving forward with the project and receiving any new certificates of occupancy. 


Source:  Ord. No. 5799, 8, 9-6-22