Sec. 27-280.04.  Special regulations and exemptions.


(a)   Exemptions.  Within the overlay district, the following exemptions shall apply:


(1)       All single-family detached dwellings, duplexes, and single-family attached dwellings (up to 2 units) shall be exempt from all overlay district special development regulations, except for non-conforming uses.


(2)       Industrial and storage buildings located within an industrial district shall be exempted from landscaping requirements and architectural/building requirements only if no building abut a residentially zoned area or front on public or platted roads.  All industrial buildings shall satisfy the color requirements.


(3)       Electrical substations and similar public or quasi-public facilities that prohibit access by the public onto the site may be exempted from architectural/building requirements, if the exempted building(s) and equipment will be visually screened from adjacent properties and roadways.


Source:  Ord. No. 5489, 1, 9-05-17; Ord. No. 5608, 1, 4-15-19;