Sec. 27-370.  Height of telecommunications tower(s).


(a)   The applicant shall submit documentation justifying the total height of any tower, facility and/or antenna requested and the basis therefore. Documentation in the form of propagation studies must include all backup data used to perform at requested height and a minimum of ten (10) feet lower height to allow verification of this height need.  Such documentation will be analyzed in the context of the justification of the height needed to provide service primarily and essentially within the city, to the extent practicable, unless good cause is shown. The height limitations in this section shall supersede all other height limitations in this Code, except that in all instances any tower, facility and/or antenna must comply with airport zoning and regulations.


(b)  No tower, including all attachments, shall exceed that height which shall permit operation without required artificial lighting of any kind in accordance with city, state, and/or any federal statute, law, local law, ordinance, code, rule or regulation.


Source:  Ord. No. 5677, 2, 08-17-2020;