Sec. 8-42.  Fire board of appeals - Established.


In order to hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions, or determinations made by the fire code official relative to the application and interpretation of the International Fire Code adopted and amended by the city, there is hereby established a fire board of appeals consisting of five (5) members, plus two additional members designated as alternates who shall attend and serve only when one or two of the regular members are unable to attend for any reason.  All of said members and alternates shall be qualified by experience and training to pass on matters pertaining to hazards of fire, explosions, hazardous conditions or fire protection systems, and shall not be employees of the city.  The fire code official shall be an ex officio member of said board but shall have no vote on any matter before the board.  To grant relief requested in any appeal, a minimum of three (3) affirmative votes of the board shall be required.


Source: Ord. No. 5591, 1, 02-04-19