Economic Development Department

Economic Development

The Norfolk area economic development office looks forward to providing data, resources, and incentive information that will help you see why Northeast Nebraska should be considered for the next stage of growth for your business. 

Located at the intersect of U.S. Hwy 81 and Nebraska Hwy 275, Norfolk is situated directly in between the two longest east to west interstate systems in the nation (80 & 90), as well as 60 minutes from Interstate 29 which provides access from Canada to Mexico.

This Northeast Nebraska town of approximately 25,000 is a regional retail and medical services leader. Good industrial diversification includes steel production and fabrication, injection-molded plastics, industrial hose production, value added Ag, and food processing.

Norfolk has a pro-business climate and local leadership is focused on ensuring our industries have the infrastructure, workforce, and tools needed to succeed in the global economy.