Boards and Commissions

The various advisory boards and commissions are an important component of the City government.  If you are interested in serving on an advisory board or commission, fill out and print the online application, or pickup an application at the City Administrator's office, 309 N 5th St., Norfolk, Nebraska 68701.

Board of Zoning Adjustment

The Board of Adjustment consists of five members appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Council. Board members are appointed for a three-year term. Meetings of the Board are held at the call of the chairperson and at such times as the Board may determine necessary. The Board of Adjustment renders decisions only on appeals from an action of the Building Inspector, when it has determined that a permit has been issued incorrectly or denied, zoning regulations have been enforced or interpreted incorrectly, or when the appellant proves undue and unnecessary hardship due to a provision applied to a specific lot or tract. The Board of Adjustment is governed by the Revised Statutes of Nebraska. Current board members are:

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
Spray, Dan 1005 Woodcrest St 402-750-7072 8-2021
Love, Brad -- Vice-Chairman 108 W Norfolk Ave  #204 402-379-2339 8-2023
Haase, Sue (2-mile jurisdiction) 1310 W Norfolk Ave  #B 402-649-0115 8-2022
Lammli, Jason -- Chairman 2208 W Prospect Ave 402-644-7242 8-2022
Skaff, Tom (alternate) 2111 Skyline Dr 402-370-3120 8-2023
Wilcox, Randy 2802 Mimick Dr 402-750-3977 8-2021
Lienemann, Liz (Secretary) 309 N 5th St 402-844-2065  

Board of Health

The Board of Health shall consist of five (5) members and shall be composed of the Mayor, President of the City Council, Chief of Police, City Physician and one other member. 

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
Moenning, Josh 1202 W Norfolk Ave 402-580-2471 N/A
Merrill, Rob 1215 Nebraska Ave 402-630-5674 N/A
Miller, Don 201 N 7th St 402-844-2150 N/A
Yosten, Lisa 2700 W Norfolk Ave 402-371-4880 N/A
Nordby, Kathy 302 Phillip Ave 402-371-8000 N/A

Building Code Appeals/Property Maintenance Board of Appeals

The Board consists of five members appointed by the Mayor and City Council who serve for a five-year term. The Building Inspector is a non-voting ex officio member and acts as secretary to the Board. Each member must be a licensed, professional engineer or architect, or a builder or superintendent of building construction with at least ten years experience, for five years of which that board member shall have been in reasonable charge of work; there must not be more than two members of the board selected from the same profession or business; and at least one of the professional engineers must be a licensed, structural or civil engineer of architectural engineering experience. The Board is legally empowered to hold hearings and to conduct investigations into disputes between the building officials and members of the public, and pass judgment on matters in which the exercise of discretion is legal. Current board members are:

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
Machuca, Ignacio 2600 Crestview Rd 402-750-1043 2-2024
Hofmann, Dan (alternate) 814 S 3rd St 402-371-7020 2-2024
Johnson, Mark 2703 N 25th St 402-649-4597 2-2022
Swanson, Les 904 Koenigstein Ave 402-379-1915 2-2023
Wenzl, Larry 1404 Longhorn Dr 402-371-2494 2-2025
Wolfe, Terry 1511 N 30th St 402-379-2753 2-2022
Lyon, Tim (alternate) 3403 Rolling Hills Dr 402-379-2376 2-2025
Lienemann, Liz (Secretary) 309 N 5th St 402-844-2065  

Citizen Advisory Review Committee

3 year terms

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
Means, Kathie 1002 Eldorado Rd 402-371-3355 10-31-2022
Einspahr, Jan 601 S 13th St 402-371-3140 10-31-2022
Day, Brandon  1500 Riverside Blvd 402-379-1440 10-31-2022
Morrow, Cindy 1307 N 30th St 402-379-0721 10-31-2022
Otten, Aaron 1624 Hackberry Dr 719-459-0064 10-31-2022

Civil Service Commission

The Commission is composed of three persons appointed by the Mayor for six-year terms. Members are vested with the responsibility to recruit, examine competitively and recommend to the hiring authority the appointment, employment and promotion of sworn police and fire personnel. The Commission also serves as an appeal board for all disciplinary action involving police and fire. Current commission members are:

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
 Braun, Beverly 409 Pierce St 402-379-9837 (H)
402-371-3146 (O) 04-2022
 Curran, John J 2806 Dover Dr 402-649-1535 06-2027
 Schmitt, John 601 S Boxelder 402-750-4227 (H)
402-370-3437 (O)  12-2023

Fire Code Appeals Board

The appeals board will hear and decide appeals of orders, decisions or determinations made by the fire code official relative to the application and interpretation of the code. The board of appeals shall consist of members who are qualified by experience and training to pass on matters pertaining to hazards of fire, explosions, hazardous conditions or fire protection systems and are not employees of the jurisdiction. The Fire Code Board of Appeals shall consist of 5 members and 1 alternate person.

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
 Wemhoff, Curtis 2915 Marconnit Circle 402-860-2634 2-2025
 Grimes, Johns 1216 W Nebraska Ave 402-370-1502 2-2024
 Joy, Mike 610 Magnet St 402-649-7020 2-2026
 Sears, Mark 401 Ridgeway Dr 402-644-7655 2-2023
Swanson, Les 904 Koenigstein Ave 605-595-3498 2-2022
Zaruba, Scott (alternate) 2801 Ruthann Cir 402-371-7195 2-2024
Lienemann, Liz (Secretary) 309 N 5th St 402-844-2065  

Housing Agency Board

The Norfolk Housing Agency (NHA) Board consists of seven members, who are appointed by the Mayor. Each member is appointed a five-year term in office. One member of the Board also serves on the City Council. In addition to providing rental assistance for low-income persons, families and individuals with disabilities, the Housing Agency Board supervises Boulevard Village, the Kensington Apartments, Meadow Ridge Estates, Royal Oaks Estates, as well as private sector rentals. The Board also assists local landlords who offer low-income housing. Current board members are:

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
Geyer, Norman 3102 Mach I Dr 402-851-1390 6-2022
Knapp, Justine,  Sec/Treas 301 Broadmoor Dr 402-992-1542 6-2026
Higginbotham Jr, Thomas, Chair 111 S 1st St 402-379-1150 6-2024
Barnes, Kendra 55271 836 Rd 402-841-3378 6-2023
Carstens, Annette 900 N 10th St #4 402-992-5817 6-2024
Murren, Thad, Vice-Chair 600 E Bluff Ave 402-379-9512 6-2025
Todd, Ian 1002 Blue Stem Cir 402-276-3660 6-2025
Danielle Myers-Noelle, City Attorney 202 N 7th St 402-644-8732  

Library Advisory Board

The Library Advisory Board consists of five members. Each member is appointed for a five year term. The Board members are appointed by the Mayor and approved by the City Council. The Library Advisory Board advises the Mayor and City Council in regard to the operation, maintenance, and development of the public library. Current board members are:

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
Bogner, Kurt 1630 Hackberry Dr 402-750-1253 7-2025
McKay, Elizabeth 1107 Terrace Rd 402-860-9505 7-2026
Colligan, Susan 1000 Kelland Dr 402-379-5601 7-2024
Curry, Jim 2604 W Maple Ave 402-379-4046 7-2022
Dover, Jr., Tom 2201 Skyline Dr 402-371-6760 7-2023

Planning Commission

The Norfolk Planning Commission consists of nine members appointed by the Mayor with the approval of 3/4 of the City Council and serve for three years. Two such members may be residents of the two-mile extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction. The Commission evaluates information from staff and testimony in hearings, and makes recommendations to guide Council action. Commissioners make recommendations only. The Commission and City Council work with a Comprehensive Plan as a guideline for the growth of the City and its jurisdiction. Meetings, which may include public hearings, are held the Tuesday following the City Council meeting, 7:30 a.m. at the City Council Chambers. All meetings are advertised and open to the public. Current commission members are:

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
Figueroa, Melissa 1306 Galeta Ave 402-379-5600 2-2022
Waite, Dirk 2101 Sheridan Dr 605-380-6147 2-2024
Gilmore, Matt 1406 Channel Rd 402-841-2039 2-2023
Griffith, Martin 408 S 4th St 402-379-2196 2-2022
Franklin, Brandon 1205 Sunnydell Ln  515-745-5848 2-2024
Deets, Kyle 1105 Westbrook Dr 402-750-2944 2-2024
Thone, Jacob 800 Woodcrest Dr 402-316-9701 2-2023
Hammond, Mary 2304 Random Rd 402-992-2211 marymerritthammond@gmailcom 2-2023
Spray, Dan 1005 Woodcrest St 402-750-7072 2-2022
Lienemann, Liz
Planning Commission Secretary
309 N 5th St 402-844-2008  

Plumbing Board

The Plumbing Board, appointed by the Mayor and City Council, consists of the following five members; the City plumbing inspector, the City health inspector, a master plumber, a journeyman plumber and one citizen. The health and plumbing inspectors serve during the term of the Mayor. The other three board members serve three-year terms. The board has the power to adopt rules and regulations for the sanitary construction, alteration and inspection of plumbing and sewer connections in Norfolk, and conducts examinations and approves permits for people who apply to do business as plumbers in Norfolk. Current board members are:

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
Swanson, Les Chairman 904 Koenigstein Ave 402-379-1915 8-2022
Volkman, Aaron 211 S 3rd St 402-371-0316 8-2021
Wolff, Brant, Vice-Chairman 404 E Maple Ave 402-992-1348 8-2023
City Staff Members - term of mayor        
 Kouba, John 1702 Sheridan 402-379-2270  
 Serres, Paul 109 Valley View Dr 402-640-3456  

Property Tax Compliance Review Committee

Members are appointed by the Mayor, with approval of the City Council, and serve a three-year term. One member of the Committee is from the City at-large and one member from each of the City's four election wards. One member of the Committee shall be a Certified Public Accountant. The purpose of the Sales Tax Compliance Review Committee is to review the City's annual fiscal budget for compliance with the provisions of Ordinance No. 3257, passed and approved on Oct. 15, 1984, which provided for a self-imposed budget limitation on spending upon the governing body of the City of Norfolk. The Committee, after review of the annual fiscal budget, is to report their findings to the Mayor and City Council and citizens of the City prior to the adoption of the City's annual fiscal budget each year. Current committee members are:

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
Albin, Mark D 604 Summit St 402-371-9259 8-2023
Gray, Chris 1704 E Sycamore Ave 402-851-0727 8-2023
Hamm, David 1220 W Benjamin Ave
PO Box 2031
402-644-8308 8-2023
Putters, Jay 701 E Bluff Ave 402-371-5520 8-2023
Williams, Scott 1111 W Nebraska Ave 402-371-8020 8-2023

Riverfront Overlay Review Board

The Riverfront Overlay Review Board consists of nine members appointed by the Mayor and approved by the Council, and serve a three-year term. The City Planner is a non-voting ex officio member and acts as secretary to the Board. The Riverfront Overlay Review Board renders decisions only on plans for those properties within the official North Fork of the Elkhorn River Overlay District Map. The Riverfront Overlay Review Board meetings are held on the 2nd Monday of the month, only when a submittal has been made in the timeframe described in Norfolk City Code. Current board members are:

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
Webb, Justin 1219 Koenigstein Ave 402.841.4904 1-31-2023
Love, Brad 108 W Norfolk Ave  #2 402.917.4674 1-31-2024
Novacek, Darrel 1301 Eldorado Rd 402.649.3353 1-31-2024
McDonald, Joyce 1005 N 3rd St 402.379.1524 1-31-2022
Steiner, Zach 605 Adare Rd 402.841.1341 1-31-2023
McCarthy, Andrew 226 W Norfolk Ave #200 402.316.4788 1-31-2023

Trail Advisory Board

There are five voting members on this board - one from each ward and one from the extraterritorial zoning jurisdiction. The City park superintendent and a Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District member also serve on the board. The voting members have three-year terms. Responsibilities include advising the Mayor and City Council in development and implementation of trail policies, encourage public usage of the trail system, assist in applying for trail grants and fundraising, and make recommendation for trail projects. Current board members are:

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
Downey, Jon
(Ward 2)
2606 W Prospect Ave 402-316-4917 9-2021
Cleveland, Nick
(extra territorial zoning jurisdiction)
1207 Crown Rd 402-371-8005 9-2020
McKeown, Danelle
(Ward 4)
103 S Chestnut St 402-640-5982 9-2022
Stuthman, Jon (Tony)
(Ward 3)
613 S 9th St 402-316-0157 9-2022
Wilson, Erik
(Ward 1)
905 Westbrook Dr 402-841-7332 9-2021
Pfeil, Dick
(non-voting member)
308 N Birch St 402-640-8211 12-2020

Tree Advisory Board

Members are chosen at-large for a three-year term and appointed by the Mayor, with approval of the City Council, to advise the elected officials and staff on landscaping and tree planting. The board’s duties would be coordinate educational events about the benefits of trees, set up pruning demonstrations, assist with public information handouts, assist in finding and applying for tree planting or landscaping grants, offer input and make recommendations for tree planting and landscaping projects in the city, serve as advocates for tree planting and maintenance, and assist in supplying volunteers for tree and shrub planting projects. Current board members are:

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
Stewart, Todd  84041 538 1/2 Ave 402-371-7313 9-2023
Hoadley, Shane 606 S 8th St 402-302-4520 9-2021
Roche, Teresa 1639 Hackberry Dr 402-644-8159 9-2023
Vacant       9-2020
Kucera, Erin 1106 Johnathan Cir 402-469-1599 9-2023
Vacant       9-2022
Hammond, Linda 1822 Imperial Rd 402-371-2249 9-2021
Haley, Tim 1400 Eldorado Rd 402-649-4869 9-2022
Wiegert, Kathy 506 N 27th St 402-649-0994


Vehicle Parking District Advisory Board

3 year terms

Name Address Phone Email Term Expires
Geary, Connie 200 W Norfolk Ave 402-379-1820 2-2024
Bates, Stephanie 510 W Park Ave 402-750-5302 2-2024
Stappert, John 1906 Carmel Dr. 402-500-0125 2-2024
Stebbing, Douglas 128 S 5th St 402-640-0365 2-2024
Webb, Justin 1219 Koenigstein Ave 402-379-0187 2-2024
McNally, Steven (alternate) 435 W Norfolk Ave 402-371-3176 2-2024
Carney, Pat (alternate) 109 S 5th St 402-379-5600 2-2024
Renter, Amy (ex-officio)