Mission Statement of the City Clerk

To effectively communicate with and act as a liaison between citizens of the community, elected officials, and City staff.

Description of Office
Perform the functions of a municipal clerk including knowledge of State Statute requirements for first class cities; good management and supervisory skills; general knowledge of investment practice; writing and composition skills to ensure proper preparation of proceedings of all meetings, as well as oral and written communication skills; and maintain and preserve all vital city documents. Maintains official records of the City, supervises accounts receivable and assists in finance-related activities. Services provided include: accounts receivable; issuance of miscellaneous licenses and permits; preserves/microfilms official records; retention and disposition of all official records; prepares and maintains official minutes of meetings; publishes legal notices; publication of ordinances; and cash flow and investment of excess city funds.

The city clerk's office could be described as the front office "of city government." It could be said that no other office in the municipality has as many contacts as this office. The office serves the mayor, the city administrator, the council, and all departments and divisions. All of them call upon it almost daily for some type of service or information. The office of the city clerk is where the seal is kept; where oaths of office to public servants are filed; where all official documents and city records, both historical and current, are kept on file.