Staff Directory

Title Name Phone e-mail
City Administrator Colvin, Andy 402.844.2000
City Attorney Myers-Noelle, Danielle 402.844.2130
City Clerk Duerst, Brianna 402.844.2000
City Engineer Rames, Steven 402.844.2035
Communications Director   402.844.2034  
Director of Planning & Development Grimes, Valerie 402-844-2280
Economic Development Director Colvin, Andrew 402.844.2262
Emergency Management Coordinator Risor, Bobbi 402.844.2066
Finance Officer Gates, Randy 402.844.2000
Fire Chief Cordes, Scott 402.844.2050
Fire Marshal Zwiebel, Terry 402.844.2050
Housing Division Contact Bretschneider, Gary 402.844.2080
Human Resources Director Schukei, Sheila 402.844.2000
Information Systems Manager McKenzie, Jim 402.844.2100
Library Director Chamberlain, Jessica 402.844.2100
Parks & Recreation Director Mrsny, Pat 402.844.2180
Police Chief Miller, Don 402.844.2150
Public Safety Director   402-844-2000  
Risk Manager Lutt, Lyle 402-844-2015
Storm Water Management      
Wastewater Plant Superintendent Huntley, Robert  402.844.2220
Water & Sewer Director Watts, Dennis 402.844.2210

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